My experience at Camden Means Business

Camden Means Business Event

Today I went to the Camden Means Business exhibition where several companies were able to come together to present their products and services. It was a good event to get to know other businesses and to inform yourself about what types of companies are located in Camden.

In addition some seminars were held, which the visitors could attend. These seminars were about how to start up your business, how you can get financial support and how you can market your company and products to your targeted customers.

Centa also had a stand there, informing visitors about Supply Cross River 2 programme which is aimed at opening up supply chain and procurement opportunities to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in central London, and promoting supplier diversity and sustainable procurement to buyers, further stimulating local economic growth.

During the day I got to meet a lot of new businesses and what they are offering to their customers. Because a lot of different companies exhibited there, I was able to see different business sectors, such as NatWest bank, some design companies, a translator company, a company that stands up for environmental protection and reducing costs as well as many others.

I was also able to attend a seminar and got to know more about running a business in the UK. The speeches they gave included some helpful advice for business people and non-business people likewise. A positive aspect was also that the speaker included the audience into his speech and we were able to ask him some questions and to ask for some advice. But unfortunately the speeches did not include any PowerPoint slides or any other visualisation so it was sometimes a little bit hard to follow and afterwards you did not remember as much as you would have with some slides or other visualisation.

What you could easily observe throughout the day was that almost every company did market themselves not only to the visitors but also to the other companies that exhibited there.

Apart from the different companies that presented themselves there, the Camden Means Business event also had free coffee and free food, which was also very nice.

It was an interesting day out of the office and I learned some new things. Furthermore the event was helpful and informative as I understand business in some aspects a little bit better now than I did before.

Tim (intern at Centa Business Services)