SpaceHub Design

Anchor Brewhouse
50 Shad Thames

Business start date: October 2010.

Before starting the business, I was a director of a large landscape architect firm. They were going through a major restructuring exercise so I decided to take the leap and start my own company. I knew how the business worked and was determined to improve the client experience and build innovation in to projects as standard. I was inspired by a few great companies I had collaborated with over the years such as Make Ltd and relished the chance to further develop those relationships in a way that used my skills and background.


I started out in furniture design and loved the process of customer liaison, design and making to final delivery to the customer.  As a director of a large scale public realm landscape practice, i have managed projects up to £25m within multidisciplinary teams.


SpaceHub is a landscape Architect practice with a focus on the public realm. we work closely with many disciplines including architects, engineers and surveyors to create unique spaces that work well for people to work, rest, play and enjoy

Our knowledge of the industry is combined with skilled practitioners. We aim to increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders throughout the process. We offer a dedicated project management service as part of large scale public realm developments which significantly reduces quality and compliance failures and creates a significantly better end product.


Tas Gooden, from Centa was recommended to us from one of our partners.

We had started the business shortly before meeting with Tas and had already won out first contracts. What we really needed was to identify the best way to grow a sustainable and profitable business.  He introduced some clear ideas on how we could do achieve this. We looked at integrating practices that would ensure innovation was at the heart of things such as a engaging in networks, creating and marketing new services and building sustainable business models. Centa have also provided timely guidance on topics such as profit share schemes and signposting specialist legal advice.